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Acronyms Explained

If you're just starting out in the world of kink the countless acronyms can prove quite overwhelming. I've compiled a list of common acronyms used in the BDSM scene that will hopefully help you better understand what it all means.

24/7 - An arrangement in which protocols are in place continuously

AB - Adult Baby

ATM - Ass To Mouth

B&D - Bondage and Discipline

BBW - Big Beautiful Woman

BDSM - Bondage, Discipline/Dominance, Submission/Sadism, Masochism

BYOT - Bring Your Own Toys

CBT - Cock and Ball Torture

CD - Crossdresser

CEI - Cum Eating Instructions

CFNM - Clothed Female Naked Male

CG/L - Caregiver/Little

CNC - Consensual Non Consent (rape play)

CP - Corporal Punishment

DDLG/B - Daddy Dom/Little Girl/Boy

DL - Diaper Lover

D/s - Dominant/submissive

FLR - Female Led Relationship

FUBAR - Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition/Repair/Recovery

HP - High Protocol

JOI - Jerk Off Instructions

MDLG/B - Mommy Domme/Little Girl/Boy

M/s - Mistress or Master/slave

OTK - Over The Knee

PRICK - Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink

POV - Point Of View

RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink

S&M / SM - Sadism & Masochism / Sadomasochism

SAM - Smart Ass Masochist

SPH - Small Penis Humiliation

SSC - Safe, Sane, Consensual

SW - Safe Word

T&D - Tease and Denial

TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (a device commonly used in electric play)

TPE - Total Power Exchange

TV - Transvestite

WS - Watersports

YKINMKBYKIOK - Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is OK

Hope this helps!

Madame Veda


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