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Dublin tour 30 May - 1 June 2024

I’m back for a very limited time so prebooking is essential!

Important information:

  • Deposit is required, the preferred method of deposit payment is via gift card for both yours and my discretion, these can be bought in store with cash or online.

  • Shower available.

  • Towels and toiletries provided.

  • No anal play for those who can't/won't douche prior to the session. It is unacceptable to not clean yourself out, this poses a real health risk to me and could contaminate my equipment. No, you can't douche here, do it at home.

  • Priority will be given to those who book through my website.

  • I am on tour which means I have a limited arsenal of equipment, clothes and toys. If you are looking for something specific let me know before the tour date.


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