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Complete required fields entirely. Incomplete application, one word answers, vague messages and bad manners will be ignored.


If your application was satisfactory I will reach out to you via email to discuss our session in more detail and confirm your session date and time so ensure the email address you provide is correct.


On the day of the session I require you to confirm via text that you will be attending your appointment. Punctuality is imperative, not too early as you will be made to wait until your scheduled session time and not too late as this time will be subtracted from your session and I will have no choice but to deal with you accordingly. Make sure you notify Me in adequate time of any minor delays and I may choose to be more lenient with your punishment.


Ireland: 083 448 0869

​Schweiz: 076 763 57 36

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Anything that may limit your ability to kneel, bear weight, be bound etc. Most allergies can be accomodated. 

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