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Permanently Leaving Dublin 25th April 2024

Beneath the temperance of Dublin City I reside in My Church of fleshly pleasures where sin is sacred and depravity celebrated.

Dominant, deviant, divine, delicious I am an authentic Irish Mistress hailing from the rugged coast of Ireland, sadistic and seductive, I embrace My dark and cruel tendencies, unapologetically embracing My deviant desires. I take immense pleasure in asserting My dominance and control over others. Encapsulating a divine feminine power that leaves a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of experiencing it.


I am a master of seduction, employing My charm and beauty to ensnare My targets in My game of pleasure and pain. My vast experience and undying love for BDSM allows Me to fully submerge My slaves in the coveted nirvana of sub-space.


My all time favourite is foot worship. Anything foot fetish related is My specialty, I will never tire of having a sub beneath My soles, I could have My feet worshiped for hours and hours… Ass smothering is another favourite of Mine, subjugating and ruthlessly tormenting a slave with My perfect curvy ass never fails to turn Me on.


Enter My Queendom and see for yourself. My skill and style is second to none. 


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