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Starts at 15 EUR / 20 USD for 5 minutes.

Get on your knees and let My voice fuck your mind as you heed My commands to stroke that useless object between your legs, pumping yourself into brainless sexual slavery to your supreme Irish Queen.

Platforms available for phone sessions: WhatsApp, Snapchat, LoyalFans, Phone call. 


Starts at 35 EUR / 40 USD for 5 minutes.

I don't have to be in the room with you to make you suffer for My pleasure. Watch Me torment and laugh at you through your screen, commanding you to humiliate yourself for My entertainment, decimating your pitiful manhood. Or if degradation is not your style you may goon to My beautiful feet and body or follow My movements as I edge and tease you without laying a finger on you.

Platforms available for webcam domination: Skype, Zoom, LoyalFans, Snapchat.


Starts at 10 EUR / 15 USD for 5 minutes.

Each text I send pulls you deeper into subspace, it's so pathetic how flustered and horny you're getting from My cruel messages.

Additional charges apply for text sessions that include live photos/videos from Me.

Platforms available for text domination: WhatsApp, SMS, LoyalFans, Twitter DM, Snapchat.

The quickest way to get a response in regards to virtual sessions is to private message Me on My LoyalFans. Alternatively, email with your interests, what duration session you desire and your preferred date and time to session. 

Payments are made via gift card, Wishtender or LoyalFans tribute.

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