Requesting a Session

To request a session either email me at or fill out the application form entirely. I will be in contact shortly thereafter to confirm your booking and discuss our session. Please note that I do not answer messages during sessions or unsocial hours so please allow time for a reply.

Keep your messages to me respectful and concise, any one-word answers or vague messages will be ignored. 

I have a zero tolerance policy for those who show up drunk, high or with poor personal hygiene.  


Do not request anything from me that is clearly listed under 'My Hard Limits' found in the Services section of this website.

Your appointment will only be secured once I receive the required 25% deposit.

Deposits are only refundable if I am given at least 72 hour notice of cancellation or in the event of a cancellation by me. Deposits are made through Amazon UK gift card or OnlyFans/AVN tip.

I cater equally to those who are new to the world of BDSM as well as seasoned submissives.

If you have a specific interest not listed anywhere on my Services page, please include this in your application and I may be willing to accommodate.


Please refer to my FAQ before submitting a query.

  ​Looking forward to making your acquaintance! 


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