• valkyrieveda

Seeking Personal Slaves

I'm currently seeking a personal slaves(s) to assist me with my sessions and day to day life, you may apply for this honourable position to my email ONLY

Your tasks may be a mix of basic house house cleaning, sanitizing toys and play space in between sessions, driving, foot massages, running errands such as grocery shopping, taking clothes to dry cleaners etc to name a few. Tasks will be assigned based on your skills and availability.

Requirements for becoming one of my new personal slaves are as follows:

- Have had a session with me in the past or one booked

- An understanding that this is not a session, you are not a client so you may not request me to perform anything on or with you during our time together. This is not about you and your fantasies

- Have your own car and if not, be prepared to send money for transport

- Be able to provide a small monthly tribute on time

- Live in or near Dublin

- An understanding that if you fuck up you will be punished accordingly and I'll make sure you don't enjoy it

In your initial email please include the following information:

- Full legal name

- Age

- Approximate location

- A bit about you

- If you have specific skills such as mechanic, handyman, tailor or anything that may be advantageous to me

- Your availability - daily, weekly or monthly is fine, I'll find a use for you

- If you are willing to assist me in forced bi sessions

- If you are willing to be filmed for my OnlyFans (you may wear a mask to protect your identity if that is of importance to you)

Chat soon,

Madame Veda