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How To Book A Session

So you've decided you want to session with a professional Mistress. There are certainly dos and donts when it comes to contacting a Pro Domme and requesting a session. Although do remember that every Domme is different and the contact protocols for one may not match that of another. This is just a basic guide on how to show proper manners and increase your chances of being accepted for a session. Be respectful, be concise and for the love of god don't try to dirty chat over the phone without paying for it first!

1. Contact methods.

Most Dommes have online ads or social media profiles with their contact information listed. If she has a phone number listed it is better to call her, not text, especially if you have never seen her before. You will get a much better feel for someone's personality hearing their voice rather than chatting with them over text. If she does not answer she may be in a session or busy elsewhere so just be patient and try again at a later time. If she has specified a preference for a different contact method, be sure to contact her through that method instead.

2. Know what kinks you wish to explore prior to contacting a Domme.

It's irritating when someone calls up and when questioned what fetishes or fantasies they wish to explore they have no answer. We cannot read minds! If you are not sure yet what you are in to, there are a myriad of resources available online, just use Google (or DuckDuckGo if privacy is especially important to you).

3. Be realistic.

Be realistic with what is possible to fit into a session. If you want pegging, fisting, shibari, forced bi, needle play and hardsports all in the space of an hour session that is almost impossible if you want to have a quality session. It would be entirely too rushed and not a pleasant experience for all parties involved.

4. Answer her questions honestly.

If you have never seen a Dominatrix before, say so! If this will be your first time having anything put up your ass, say so! If you have any medical ailments that may limit you from certain activities, definitely say so!

You must be open and honest regarding your previous experience (if any), any medical issues that may be aggravated by play and what exactly it is you are seeking from a session. If you let on that you are an experienced butt slut when in fact you haven't had anything but a finger up your ass at the doctor's, there is a great risk you will end up causing a mess neither of you bargained for. Accidents happen but let's try to lessen them as much as possible by being honest and open.

5. Do NOT attempt to barter or negotiate.

It is incredibly rude and embarrassing for you. We are a luxury not a charity. Don't waste our time with lowball offers. The price will only go up, that's if she doesn't hang up on you first. This also applies to requesting that she performs activities that she clearly states she does not do, respect her boundaries. We have hard limits too.

6. Pay the deposit.

If Mistress requires a deposit before securing your booking, pay it as soon as possible through her preferred payment methods. If you put it off, that booking slot may be taken up by someone else.

7. Remember your P's and Q's!

Be polite. Say please and thank you, address her by her chosen title and thank her for her time. These are only small gestures but they go far.

Have fun!

Madame Veda


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